Country Life’s Christmas Special  



The Read David Profumo’s article, ‘I see a pearl moon rising’, in Country Life’s Christmas Special edition (Nov 30th 2016)


The Prof enlists the help of a young guide called Sibbi in a quest to conquer salmon and sea trout, including the biggest fish landed on the Grimsa in the 2016 season, on some of Iceland’s most prolific rivers. Photographs by Glyn Satterley

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Country Life 22 October 2014  


Read David Profumo's article from the 22nd October edition of Country Life magazine:

"Our fishing correspondent David Profumo and his angling arch-rival attempt to get to grips with strapping Icelandic salmon on the River Laxá in Dölum"

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Read about John, Grayling fishing in an article entitled "Grayling's a Winter warmer" from The Field magazine

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Fly Fishing & FlyTying Aug 2012  




Read about John's fishing career in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, August 2012

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Fly Fishing & FlyTying Jan 2015  




Read about Neil Patterson's fantastic salmon fishing trip to Iceland January 2015

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