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“The Itchen at East Lodge is a lovely stretch of water and a very handsome setting for a corporate day out. However, as with any water, knowledge of where the fish lie is essential if you want the day to be both sporting and sociable and that knowledge can’t be learnt by any fisherman – novice or experienced – in a day.

John Hotchkiss and his guides are the perfect accompaniment, offering hands on assistance or discrete support, mixing seamlessly amongst you and your guests ensuring that a good day out becomes a truly memorable one.”

Nancy Hollendoner Hawkpoint Partners Ltd

"Just a quick line to thank you for your wonderful tuition and introduction to dry fly fishing on the river Avon in Wiltshire. To say you taught me to cast does not do you justice, you taught me to stalk and hunt. We would walk hundreds of yards to get into a position from which we could deliver a fly without spooking the quarry. Fly selection then came into play, and your sound advice will always be remembered. Then the delivery, the presentation of the fly, a time to put into effect all the practice that had gone before, away from the river.

Also, I learnt that on any chalk stream during the season, with the many hatches taking place, the abundance of wildlife along the riverbank, even if the fish aren’t taking – you can always come away with something from your day. Thank you and Tight Lines."

B J Kerr, Upavon

"John arranged a family day at Longstock Lakes for us during the summer. As the party consisted of a couple of experienced fishermen and a couple of complete beginners the choice of venue was important to provide some challenging fishing as well as water where the complete beginners could learn to cast. John not only managed to teach them both to cast but somehow arranged for them to be more successful than the others. We had a happy and memorable day. John's patience and expertise contributed in no small way to its success. I strongly recommend his professionalism to all fishers, but especially to those who want to learn (and to catch a fish or two!)"

Sholto Hedderwick


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